Younis Mahmoud School of Football


In the past few weeks, the last touches were finalised in opening the Younis Mahmoud School of Football in Younis’s hometown Dibs of Karkook.

The school, which is solely supported and built by Younis Mahmoud, consists of 80 youth talents between the age of 8 and 14 and whom will be filtered to only the best 50 talents. The school will be led by manager Muwafaq Noor Al Deen and who will be assisted by coaches Abbas Rasheed, Fahed Ahmed Harjan and goalkeeping coach Adnan Awad.

Younis also added: ” I hope that such schools are built all across Iraq, in both small and large cities to support the Iraqi national teams at all age levels. This will result in Iraq being a powerhouse not only in Asia but on a World level in the future.”

Mohammed Ghazi

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