Eyes on the league and Asian qualifiers


In an interview with Iraqi star Younis Mahmoud and ahead of the Jeddah classic against Al Itthad, the player confirmed that he and his team mates at the club will play for nothing less than a win and the three points on Friday.

“The next game is a very big game and the least I can do for the Al Ahli fans is to guide the team to a win.” Younis also added: “The Al Ahli fans have greeted me and supported me in the best way possible, a win will be the only way to repay them on Friday.”

After accepting the Iraqi national team coach Hakeem Shakir and the Iraqi fans’ demands, Younis Mahmoud has confirmed his return to the Iraqi national team and will travel to Beirut, Lebanon on the 9th of October to join the team’s training camp. Iraq will face Saudi Arabia in a critical home and away game in Jordan and Saudi Arabia in the Asian Cup qualifiers.

Mohammed Ghazi

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