End of journey

Exclusively and through his official website, Iraqi star Younis Mahmoud has officially announced his retirement from international football. Younis’s last game will be against Australia during the World Cup 2014 qualification stage.

In respect to the Iraqi fans, who stood by him in his ups and downs, Younis has decided to retire from football completely including the club level.

More news will follow…

Mohammed Ghazi

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11 thoughts on “End of journey

  1. you are a legend…will really miss you, wish I would have had the chance to see you play live. I hope you change your mind as Iraq needs you and Nashat but I wish you all the best for the future.

  2. Youwere the best I wished u stayed and made iraq more skilled than any time in history nashat is an experienced player just like you stay in the team beat australia and become third in the group and beat the team you beat next so iraq does qualify to brazil

  3. I love you so much Younis! You are Iraq’s best ever striker, nobody will ever forget you! You could have easily played in the English Premier League, that’s how good you are, you are still our best striker and will always be. Thank you so much for the memories, you are my favourite player ever and a huge legend to football!

  4. Iraq is nothing without you. You make iraq shine. You make it like a aamar. You make it stronger and more beautiful you are a huge legend i shall never forget you.

    Younis mahmoud
    And much more congratzz for winning i am very proud of you keep up the good job i live in australia a stupid country they broke my heart when they hurt iraq national FIFA football team ohh well……. Good luck my dear

    Yours truly

  5. iraq needs you you are a legend and a very skilled player i hope you change your mind and return =)

  6. حبيبي يونس كم تمنيت ان اراك كم تمنيت ان اكحل عيوني بكولتنه بشوفتك انت كبير وستبقى كبير احبك احبك

  7. i love you so much!!!i am a gr8 fan of urs..i live in india but hav seen u play,watch ever match in which u play…u r my favourite..pls come back and help iraqi team reach fifa world cup 2018

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